Sponge ClientConnectionEvent.Login instructions

Sorry to bother you, I now want to develop plug-landing, but now there is a problem with my client after a successful landing by generating a UUID, in ClientConnectionEvent.Login, if you have the UUID, is allowed to log in, otherwise kick. But I did not find ClientConnectionEvent.Login or kicked off the end of the function of this session. I hope you can help me.

Because my English is very poor, so sorry.

As long as I understood you right,
you want to get the players UUID and compare it with another one
and if thats not the case, you want to kick the player, am I right?

If yes this might work:

yes, thank your very much. But I can not open your link, Because my country has been the Network Control.You can send the code to my mail do? Thank you, my mail is: [email protected],thank you

I think @NurMarvin code doesn’t work because the UUIDs are compared with the ‘==’ operator. They should be compared with UUID#equals(UUID).

@RandomByte I guess it should work, but your way is the intended way ^^