Sponge Code Question

I have a question with this theme of sponge to create the plugin api jar to server and when it will be available? or if already some links to sources?

Can you reclarify this, I can probably help but it is a bit confusing.

if I’m Spanish xD when will be available the issue of API Javadocs for plugin developers, and when they could use the spongecraft.jar, I’m lost in this theme Sponge

From what I understand of your post I think you want a release? If you do, then sorry no one can help that because it is still in development and no one knows when it is coming out.

If you still have questions please reply back.

Every time you ask for a release deadline, a kitten dies.1

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That’s okay. You can always type in Spanish and we can use a translator. Or, if you’re destined on improving your English, go ahead.

oks xD is that not write Spanish forums.bukkit.org let alone write English

every time you say that a person in the world drops the internet …

@ToPoEdiTs Hi there, just to let you know that the sponge API is still in its early stages. Currently you have to fork the source code yourself and build it to get the API. There are a lot of unofficial distributions of the API from people building it themselves. Just note that no matter where you get your API from. You barely can do anything with it at this stage. Our entity system is getting a reformat and we may be introducing a new event system. If you keep an eye out on the source code the README.md will be updated when things change