Sponge Cookbook

For those who are not tracking day by day development in IRC #spongedev, just a heads-up that there is a Sponge Cookbook repository for collecting well versed examples of plugins using SpongeAPI.

The examples are meant to be stand-alone Plugin modules that you can build directly from your shell via gradle or incorporate into your IDE.

If there are examples missing that you have made which show-case certain attributes of the API, please make a PR of your example and I’ll bring them to the Cookbook.

Examples will be edited for checkStyle correctness and have the boilerplate LICENSE added to the code.

Questions, ask here or on IRC.



Oh so if I understand this correct your asking us to help making example plugins :smiley:? When I find some time I may try to to make 1 :smile:.


Very good for beginners though!

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