Sponge coremod and Sponge server installer download link


docs on the link to the installer coremod is redirected to spongepowered.org but there is no link for download

There is no download.

I’m sure someone will be here with the standard quote in a minute.

@TBotV63 right?

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What is this quote

Sponge is not yet available, as it is still in heavy development. You may find the FAQ to be worth reading.


If you are serious about it, you can compile both the mod and the api with gradle.

Compiling the API for usage with a Forger Server is at least pointless :stuck_out_tongue:

@Nicolas_Favre standrad quote is what tyrannokapi posted, sorry.

The download link should at least have a page explaining all this so people don’t have to ask why its a redirect.

Also, a quick “Download” button on the homepage that also points to this explaining page would take, like, five minutes to add a list item and anchor for. Just a thought.


Sorry to let you down, wasn’t home.

Unfortunately, there’s always next time.


a link to this page would probably be enough:

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