Sponge (coremod) and SpongeVanilla


can someone explain what benefits are between Sponge (coremod) and SpongeVanilla? For example why coremod is better to use than SpongeVanilla and etc?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Sponge coremod is for you if you plan on using mods on your server.
Sponge vanilla is the way to go if you for some reason don’t want to use a forge server.

About performance: There are no tests yet afaik.

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As said, it’s basically just a preference of whether or not you want the server to be modded.

They both share about 90% of the code. Sponge (the mod) adds in necessary bits to be compatible with forge, and SpongeVanilla adds in parts missing from forge, effectively.


Sponge (forge edition) can be used as a client. It is therefore possible to run plugins in single player mode and using the LAN mode.

Sponge for forge is also currently more tested then SpongeVanilla due to dev builds being available. That said it may inherit bugs from forge.