Sponge crashing on 1.12 modded All The Mods server

Have sponge on my ATM 1.12 server. Getting a crash every now and then. Seems to be an issue with Magic Books and sponge maybe?

I removed sponge so my server wouldn’t be crashing. Decided to paste the log here just in case anyone had similar issue.

Any ideas?

This is an issue with how Sponge uses the method getTileData from Forge to save tile entities, unfortunately, MagicBooks is doing some awkward recursion by overriding getTileData to instead re-run writeOnNBT as can be seen here. Since this is an unnecessary override for a use case very specific to Sponge (so that it can too write it’s own custom data without storing said custom data in extra places), the proper “fix” would be to remove the unnecessary overrides in the tile entities source code for MagicBooks.

Optimally, we’d properly suggest said change in a PR to the repository of the mod with some explanation as above. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get to it too, but @kashike @blood and maybe @Aaron1011 may be able to get to doing said PR sooner than I can.

Looks like it’s been reported to MagicBooks, you can follow this issue to see when it gets fixed:

Went ahead and made a PR