Sponge Forums (Disclosure) Italics aren't showing up?

Hey Guys.

I know that this isn’t a big issue, but I just wanted to state that to me at least Italics aren’t showing up. Im not sure if this is just because I’m on Mac OS X or if it is a Disclosure plugin issue, but for me, when I attempt at Italics by pressing the Italics button

All that comes up are to little stars next to the letters. I know this is the format when writing the thread, but even after it is posted, and in comments I have continued to notice these stars. Here is an example of the thread you are currently reading

This is an example of text I wrote in a comment on another thread.

As you can see, the italics are still stars. Not what they should be… Im not sure if this is an issue that only occurs sometimes, but I have noticed it a few times…

Looks like Markdown couldn’t parse your copypasta. Did it render correctly on the preview?

There’s a bug report for the issue that was fixed with a commit on July 25th though.

Interesting “verily”

There may have been some hidden formatting chars in the text you copied.
Also the software is “Discourse” not “Disclosure”