Sponge Forums Google Auth Login Broken


I just tried to login to the Sponge forums on my lovely new Nexus 9 (which is unrelated to the problem, I think) and I got an error back from Google about the URL In the redirect not matching the one registered with Google (or something like that).




Replicated on my Samsung Galaxy note 3

Actually, technically I first saw it on my Nexus 9 and then reproduced it in Chrome for desktop so I could get a screenshot…

@captbunzo Press and hold the power button along with the Volume key to take a screen shot. (Should see a white flash and hear a camera shutter) Just don’t hold it down for more than 8-10 seconds (That’s a soft-reset).

Also this should go under the Meta tag!

I’ve open a ticket in the bug tacker. Hopefully now that their requiring https this setting will get updated soon.



This is a Https issue and is caused by the site now being it https
This can be fixed by going to google and changing the url to be https @lukegb

I don’t think I have access to the Google account used to register that app.

Maybe I do. Dunno. Paging @riking.

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Fixed. Sorry it took me so long.


No worries, we all have real lives as well. :smile:

Thanks very much for your support of sponge!

Oh. Was about to reply that I didn’t remember that account’s password. Glad you got it sorted.

i would like to point out that your solution would not work for me as i use the Firefox plugin Https Everywhere so i was already using https, luckily @lukegb got it fixed :smile: