Sponge install command "hidden" or "forbidden"?


I would like to ask these questions:

  1. Why it doesn’t say in the dialog when you try to run the sponge.jar “Run this file with the arguments ‘install’ and ‘run’ or simply ‘go’”? It is so much easier than downloading Forge by yourself.
  2. Please note that installing Forge, and using Sponge as a mod, should always be the preferred course of action for most users. The self-installer is primarily intended for headless servers. Source
    Why don’t recommend using the easy version in the first place instead of downloading Forge by yourself?

Because you need forge to run the server. If forge was installed automatically without the user knowing, A) They wouldn’t know that a forge server is actually the thing running and B) Someone might say “What the heck is this forge thing on my server?”
Here’s some more info on the reasons for the help message

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I understand. Thank you!

But shouldn’t there be a little message in the dialogue box saying “For people knowing this is a FORGEmod click here for an easy setup”. Ivy is to cool to be forgotten…