Sponge listening to Forge Events

I was making my plugin for sponge, and needed to add pixelmon to listen to some events from it. My current issue is that I am not sure how I would be able to have sponge listen for Forge events.

My current thoughts are having to either remake a good majority of my plugin, or figure out how to listen to forge events.

I am using Sponge API 7.1.

Sponge loads all its plugins within the same classloader as forge and its mods. Therefore you can interact with forge from a plugin like it was a mod (and vice versa - a mod can interact with sponge).

The PluginContainer is also classed as a ModContainer.

The only issue is your mod will require the (optional) dependancy of SpongeForge

Could you give me an example, I had heard that you can, but never saw how to do it, I tried using the @Listener on the forge event, and it was tossing errors becauses its not a sponge event, and when I use the @ Mod annotation on the main class, it doesnt load the plugins on sponge so i get the events but not the commands

Here you go.


public class Main{

  public void onEnable(GameStartingServerEvent event){
      MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new ModListener ());


public class ModListener {

  public void onForgeEvent(SomeForgeEvent event){