Sponge LuckPerms

Simple question. When im using LuckPerms and ill give OP to myself, i can’t use vanilla’s commands and i can’t find solution for it. What should i do?
EDIT: Im using 1.12.2 and other plugins also runs well.

With the use of a permission plugin in Sponge op usually becomes useless.
Instead do /lp user YOURNAME permission set * to give yourself all permissions.

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Thats working! Thank you very much dude

Do not give yourself ‘*’ permissions, this will break many plugins, you should be setting all the required permission nodes or parent nodes as required

As mentioned by a few people. The * permission in luckPerms is for backwards compatibility only with YAML files from Bukkit. It shouldn’t be used in Sponge

If ive arleady done it, when ill remove it plugins will still work?
i mean they are working but im just asking

That depends on the plugin. Some work with default players and don’t need any explicit permissions, some will need a few permissions added to default and/or admin groups. Some plugins have an automated setup (like Nucleus).

to add on to what others were saying with * permission:
In Sponge foo.bar is the equivalent of Bukkit’s foo.bar.*.

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Can you expand me what is foo.bar?

It means that the root permission (in this case, the generic example foo.bar) also contains subordinate permissions (e.g. foo.bar.stop, foo.bar.example.example.example.banana, etc). So you don’t have to add a .* to get the whole set. For a more practical example, the permission luckperms has the same effect as luckperms.*.