Sponge Plug DJ

Let’s get this party started!


It’s been pretty fun so far. :smiley: join us.

Do I have to sign-up?

@Kin, you don’t hate to sign up to listen, I don’t believe. To be a DJ, on the other hand, you do. Signing up only takes a minute or two.

Everyone loved my song about dogs, and the Thomas the Tank Engine remix, but not a song about being hated. :confused:

I love Plug.DJ. :smiley:

I have actually been working on a js bot that works really well. maybe we can talk about setting it up in the Sponge Channel. It helps out a ton. LMK.

@Stefenatefun Then how do I listen? The link takes me to Plug DJ’s homepage every time.

We don’t actually own the DJ, so we may or may not be able to do that.

I tried this out on incognito. It appears as if the recent update forces you to make an account even just to listen.

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Someone owns it, and I assume they are from here. I saw that @DarkArcana is a manager. I think the Bot would be pretty cool to have in there, as it automates some cool plug features.

I’m not sure if the owner of it is from here. I assume @DarkArcana spoke with the owner at some point if the owner isn’t from here.

I will get co-host and then I can decide what we should do with the channel if it stays popular.

We’ve got some people in there now. If anyone wants to chill and listen to music, join in. :smiley:

Yes it does! We need some good vibes going around :wink:

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Hanging out now. Let’s get some more people in here.
Let’s get a rave going!

I am joining in. :smiley:

And here I thought I had a novel idea. Ah well, so long as there’s good music I’m all for this :slight_smile:

It’s been pretty empty today. But I decided to write a bot for it.

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What genres are played?
I hope it’s not just another EDM room…

It’s mostly whatever people want to play. We have no set genre and people usually just play anything. I have heard everything from Monstercat to Rock and Classical.

Don’t forget deathmetal and rap.

Yep, pretty much anything goes. Sponge.DJ ftw!