Sponge plugin suggestion - Slender!

How to play Slender:
Slender is a game just like the normal original slender game. When the game starts there will be 8 signs randomly spawned in different directions which survivors have to find while someone is playing as slender to find and kill them by looking at them in the face. When the survivors find all 8 signs the slender loses and if Slender kills all survivors the slender wins. The slender will have the ability to teleport to nearest player with a cool down and freeze them for 3 seconds.
Commands/Sign commands:
Using some kind of selection plugin thats like world edit select your whole arena and type /slender setarena(The selection can be coded into the game without sideplugins if needed)
/slender join NAME to join. /slender leave to leave
IF YOUR BEING SLENDER: /Slender teleport to teleport to nearest player with cool down.
IF YOUR BEING SLENDER: /Slender freeze to freeze all players in the block radius of 10 for 3 seconds.
/slender flashlight to use a survivor only flashlight which takes off blindness for 3 seconds with cool down.
This is my suggestion and I hope someone will code this plugin when Sponge releases to public.

Also the the slender can be someone disguised with some disguise plugin as an enderman or the slender can look like a normal slender using a player name which has a slender skin on it.

By the time i would have typed any of those commands I would have been dead…


I think items that you have to click, would indeed be better xD.

how about remapping the events fired on right/left click on air/blocks (at least Bukkit had them: PlayerInceractEvent)
as for the flashlight I would give night vision & blindness and toggle the night vision effect as flashlight.
I already had the idea for a (sl)ender plugin but I was too lazy to code it and now i don’t have the time …

Then the commands will be powered by items…right click items to activate.

You can invest the time. If you have enough time to game then you can replace some of the gaming time with developing IF you have time to game.

Well, I know this isn’t meant for me, but I hardly ever play the Game. (actually any game) I haven’t played MC in months.

Updates, When using the slender teleport it will teleport you very near the survivor instead of in his face. /slender buildarena NAME to automatically build and make an arena. /Slender arena NAME to make an arena but not prebuild it then use /slender setarena after selecting a region. Commands will be powered in items while your slender or survivor in order to only left click an item to use the command. When your done making the whole arena you will not have to build walls around your arena as when a player tries to leave they will be tped back in arena. When you join an arena your inv will save and clear and you automatically get your items back when it ends. The prebuilt arena does not have to be in the plugin.

Start playing mc again! I made a slender game out of command blocks on my server before but a plugin is better for it so I suggested this for sponge.