Sponge/Plugin Tutorials

Hi all,

You may have seen/heard me on State of Sponge but I am one of the main developers on SpongeVanilla. Although I haven’t done much lately due to personal reasons I am with the free time that I have putting together plugin tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advance levels of the API.

I will be going over how to set up your workspace in intelliJ and eclipse, creating your first “Hello World” plugin and also taking suggestions on projects that I can help you create in a plugin tutorial series.

If this is a success which I hope it will be I will also start to look at plugin setup tutorials i.e. setting up plugins such as world guard and going over all the features that exist in that one particular plugin.

Setting up your environment


Woot! techno dancing


Sweet. Personally, I would like to see a guide on how to use configuration files. How to create, write, and read them.