Does sponge allow it so server could have mod but person with client comes on with forge and only sponge mod but they dont have to download mods server has?

If a server has a mod that other clients need, then all clients will need that mod in order to play on the server. A Sponge plugin is, however, different in that clients will not need the plugin installed on their end.

Thank’s for telling me this! Is there any sponge plugins i can get?

No. Sponge is in a heavy state of development.
Sponge will not support auto downloading of files so if anything is required on the client to be able to connect and they don’t have it they won’t be able to connect.

So there is no point of downloading sponge right now…

Not unless you are a developer

Is there any plugins that are in development that I can download anyway? puppy face

Search the forums.
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There aren’t any plugins for sponge because the server doesn’t even run yet.

im running a sponge server

here is ip:

Add a beta plugin.
ERROR: MethodNotImplementedException

i dont know how to download any beta plugins

  1. You replied to yourself.
  2. Sponge isn’t in a state ready to be used by normal users.

yeah but i still want to know a link to one…

There aren’t any Sponge plugins ready for use, because their isn’t much functionality for them to hook into it.

Primarily, the Sponge API is being planned. That way, writing it out later will be less chaotic.

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There is no implementation or plugins atm stop asking.