Sponge powered SSL

Did anyone notice spongepowered.org being SSL Encrypted? Happeneded today I believe.


Changed to be supported on Sep 29th

I saw that, but that’s ’ why no SSL? ’ when there is SSL from my browser.
SSL info:
COMODO ECC Domain Validation Secure Server CA 2

Is this a bug from my browser?
Browser: Google Chrome (Apple Mobile latest version)

Its strange, I will say that… Chrome is saying it isn’t SSL for me. Not encrypted, and website identity not verified. So I’d say its not SSL yet.

Side note: I see you said “Apple Mobile”. I think the problem is “Apple”, you might want to see what you can do about that.

Actually it’s gone now, no idea why it appeared ever.

Weird. Will look into it

Weird. its back

I have google chrome on computer and mobile both says spongepowered is SSL.

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As @lukegb said, it’s now enforced on all pages and devices.

So spongepowered is officially SSL?

Do they use cloud flare because they have free SSL?

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The website and forum stopped working for me while using Opera 12, anyone with a similar issue needs to use a newer browser. Sad to see Opera 12 failing on more and more websites.

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How to fix:

  1. Deinstall Opera
  2. Download [Google Chrome][1]
    [1]: http://www.google.ca/chrome/
  3. Stop Complaining
  4. Use google chrome

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