Sponge Questions

So, this is just a basic question… topic… thing… I am new to the whole sponge project. I have not read much into it. And I’m sure some of you would like to know as well.

Will Sponge require its own client/mod to join a sponge server?

Will Sponge be able to support bukkit plugins?

Will Sponge be able to support BungeeCord / LilyPad?

Will Sponge be able to run only server side plugins without mods?

Will Sponge Support non-forge mods?

Some basic searching around the site gives the answers to all of these.

  1. No.
  2. No. This is possibly going to be handled by a third party plugin but it’s still up in the air on if/how/when/who for creation. DMCA is causing issues with this I believe.
  3. That’s up to the devs of BungeeCord/LilyPad not Sponge.
  4. Yes.
  5. If by non forge you mean created only for Sponge then yes. If you mean will Forge be required then yes as this is being built on top of Forge.

:3 I am soo lazy and looking it up takes work.

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That’s your problem. Don’t break forum rules by making duplicate posts that ask the same questions or ask questions that are answered in FAQs. Topic closed.

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