Sponge Rewards?

Bukkit had a reward system in place where developers who makes plugins got x amount of points per day (depending on their download count then used their secret formula for calculating points / day) . Then they could save their points and spend them on a paypal or amazon card (200 points = $10).

This was hooked up with Bukkit’s sponsors Curse, but I was wondering if there was any plans at all to implement this feature later with Sponge? I’m not trying to like make a living off it but it’s nice to earn a $50 amazon card once in awhile and buy something nice :smile: and it’s a awesome thing to do for developers who work extremely hard making plugins :blush:

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It’d be up to CreeperHost or Nitrous Networks (Sponge’s sponsors).

Nice idea, I suppose something like this can help sponge (and its plugin devs) advance the project further, while making a bit of money to help support the software we use to help us develop and stuff.

The rewards program came directly from curse, not from any ol’ sponsor. Not saying anything about creeperhost or nitrous, but curse is a very large company that has had the rewards system in place for a long long time with other games before bukkit or even minecraft was really a thing.


While we would like to be able to have a rewards system in place to help out plugin devs, though we do not have the financial capacity to do so. Even if we are able to raise sponsorship revenue in future, it will likely still be hard to afford a rewards system.

Another way to implement the system could be to create a “Donation Pool”, where individuals can send their donations, then divvy up the donations according to the rate of downloads of each plugin. Essentially, the likelihood of it succeeding would be up to the greater community, based on whether they wish to encourage the development of specific plugins (direct donations) or to help spur on a range of plugin devs (pool donations). Obviously, this is somewhat of a simplification, the whole scheme can be bypassed through direct donations anyway.

I will reiterate though, while it would be nice, it is not a priority at this stage, as we presently have many other things that we would like to be able to do and very little money to do things with. :confused:


When I was still staff this idea was kicked around a few times. Essentially the suggestion I liked the most was to either allow a person to have the ad-revenue from their page (if we had advertising in that sort of way) and/or to allow a link to a page like paetron or paypal

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I’d say it’s more of a Ore thing than Sponge.

Patreon would be the way to go IMO.

Why not let people choose themselves what options they prefer for donations… But yeah, Patreon is amazing :smiley: