Sponge server? Are there any yet?

Does anyone have any test servers up yet? If so, i’ll help with bugs/glitches and in anyway needed. This project is crazy exciting!

No…the project is a week old. We are still in the planning phase…


aww, ok. i’m sure this community will do amazing things with Sponge.

I hope that to xd

Dude, there’s like 500 servers already. Amazing what these guys can crank out in less then a week, and it’s completely volunteer work!


Well, there could still be testing servers, but ofcourse the basic things need to be done so you can actually start a server, join it, and somewhat play the game.

No, Sponge is still in it’s planning phase.

IKR, we are taking skin scrubbing to the next level :wink:

sorry about that, i was just wondering about any alpha test servers or anything, but seeing the CODE isn’t even finished yet, it’s gonna be a little while.