Sponge Server Client (Like Craftbukkit)

Hey is there a server version out that you can run your server on (I forgot what it was called)
I would love to be a beta tester of sponge for my server or something, as long as the Skript plugin is ported over soon I can make some custom stuff for my server, and I can help look for bugs and stuff.

Sponge is not finished yet. There is nothing you can run for now.

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Denizen Script will be ported. dScript >>> Skript

I think we are thinking of two different plugins.
The one I am talking about is Skript by Njol

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Yeah, I’m saying a much better scripting plugin (Denizen) will be ported, while Skript is looking unlikely.

What does Denizen do that skript cannot and vice versa?
is Denizen really better than skript, because from all I read its pretty much all about RPGs and stuff, and I like to use Skript to add mechanics and features to the server.

@cybersurvivor Honestly, I can’t stand trying to write Skript’s unattractive code long enough to learn its features. All I know is Denizen started with the intent of interactive NPCs and now has that as a core feature of a full-server-control scripting engine. Denizen can do anything a Bukkit plugin can at this point - and more, since we use NMS. (Anything that can’t be done through script already will be added within days of it being requested. We’re best known for our super fast and responsive support.)
I also know that every Skript user I showed Denizen eventually made the switch.

Denizen and Skript are completely different…

They’re both scripting engines for MC, and that’s the common thread here.

when I look at denizen it looks totally different, which only does things like add items, and manage entities, while skript has a lot more mechanics based stuff in it, and I am MUCH more intrigued by the language of skript due to its functionality, with a touch of challenge.

If you think that’s all Denizen does, you haven’t looked very closely. Denizen is both more powerful and easier to learn than Skript. It’s also written in a way that’s learnable and useable to both programmers and non-programmers alike, whereas Skript tries to imitate English for some reason and confuses everyone alike.

If your read the front of the website (http://spongepowered.org) you will see that it is not finish.

Well, It appears that you attempted to turn a matter of personal preference into a full blown flame war.

Actually, I think that might make a good badge :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. When I read the doc for both I found few similarities, with Denizen based mostly around RPGs and citizens plugin.