Sponge Server Hosts

Hey, guys
I couldn´t find any Server hosts that will rent Minecraft servers with the possibility
to choose the SpongeVanilla API. Do you know any hosts that do that? Where did you
rent your server and how did you set it up ? Thanks !

Hi !
I chose the manual way, renting a dedicated server and then installing everything needed for sponge. Then I use a script file to run the server and a daemon to monitor the setup.
Good luck with your installation :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to be majorly ripped off, I’d suggest buying a VPS and just following some tutorials for setting up FTP / SFTP, java, ect. I’d recommend OVH personally.

Well, you could always find a Forge host and then add SpongeForge to it. You don’t technically have to put any other Forge mods in. Dunno why you need SpongeVanilla in particular.

I mean, SpongeVanilla does boot a little faster plus if you don’t want forge then you don’t have to have it.

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