Sponge Server vs Sponge Mod

I have a question,
What would be the difference between having a Sponge Server (A directly modified MinecraftForge server [like Cauldron, Spigot, and Bukkit are] or just having a Sponge mod (Where you can put Sponge into the mods folder.) Wouldn’t the Sponge server be more “customizeable” or have the ability to optimize the Minecraft server more…?

It certainly would, but some people like to keep their servers unique and functional without having to add specific client modifications for the server to work.

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Yea, but a lot of peeps don’t mind having a modded server. What are your thoughts about doing a modification of the MinecraftForge server @sk89q?

Well, we’re not simply making a Forge mod. We’re also working with Lex to have stuff added to Forge for us.


I know, but wouldn’t it be more reasonable to do a server modification in order to get full access to the server code? Or can you still just get that with making a mod. I know you are not simply making a mod, I was just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

@BungeeTheCookie Their is also ASM. Forge Classloader gives “Full access” to the server code.

I learn something new every day.