Sponge server

Is sponge out yet and if it is where can i find it.
If it’s not when will it be released?

It is not yet released.
See: https://docs.spongepowered.org/en/latest/

Ah okay thank you

We have a thing going on where whenever someone asks when it will be released, the date is set back by a week.


How nice of you

If you know how to build java code, the forge mod itself is now buildable but is far from releasable, just wanted to present that option if you are dying to have a server to test plugins on or just to brag about :stuck_out_tongue: I would NOT use it on a production server though.

No i can not code java :frowning: so i have to w8

lel, keks to you m8 :trollface:

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Well at this rate… see you in 2020 guys :trollface: