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I was just wondering if in the future there will be a section on the forums for people to advertise their MineCraft servers?

To non-staff; What are your thoughts on this idea?

Thanks in advance,
Thomas - Tomp13

I think it’s a bad idea. Many people would spam in that section, turning it into a cicrus.

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Perhaps an independent server list, but there are already so many server lists out there.

Id personally like to see a server list that is not focused on server sponsorship or payment, and gives all servers equal exposure, regardless of popularity.

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I personally see this as a bad idea, it will probably lead to unwanted competition between servers on the forums, which I don’t think we want.
Besides, we have http://www.reddit.com/r/mcservers for this, so I don’t think this is really necessary. :slight_smile:

We are still undecided on implementing this, but it’s leaning toward no. Look at other forums that allow this which are basically spamfests. Check one of those other places for your servers :).

Isn’t there a way to hide categories by default in Discourse?

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I like circuses

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