Sponge "The Savior API"

Hello everyone.

My name is Logan. Formerly known as shreaders1… I used to be a server owner and started using craftbukkit at least 3 years ago maybe a couple months less. Anyway I was disappointed to hear of everything that happened and I do not intend to hinder your guyses development of this “Savior API” as I like to call it but I just thought it was worth saying… that as a former server owner and hopefully future I want to thank every single one of the developers personally for taking on all the weight of the crap that has gone on with modded minecraft. You guys are honestly amazing. Now if I knew a thing about coding I’d be more than happy to assist you guys but as far as it goes right now I am unable to do that and by the time I go to school for software engineering Sponge will probably already have taken off but I’ll still be around to contribute and you can count on that.

Just please promise the community that this time you guys will take extra precautionary steps in assuring that Sponge will not turn into Craftbukkit all over again. What you guys are doing is great. And you need to keep it up. I will be watching this API grow and supporting it in every way possible from this day on as modding MC server Is something I am very passionate about. I can’t contribute anything code wise atm but I can help out somewhat financially if that is an option of any sort. If not that is fine but I’ll be here to test APIs, plugins, and anything else that you guys may need on my server.

Again… Thank you guys so much from everyone in the modded MC server community and be sure to do it right this time! You guys are amazing.


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Yes, amazing indeed!
Welcome to whatever this will become. :slight_smile:

Yeah man! The fact that these major plugin devs got together after the CB team cowered out just proves their loyalty and dedication to the community. It is so nice to see these plug devs weren’t fake and are taking on such a huge work load just to restore our once beloved community. Sk8 is such an awesome person and his plugins were fantastic so I am certain this API will be as well.

The craft bukkit team was amazing and I have been using its resources for around the same time frame as you. (Since beta). When the community fell to bits, I was absolutely gobsmacked at how quickly it could change…
Personally, when Bukkit was still around, I decided I wanted to give back to the community, so i decided to watch a couple of tutorials, which helped me get into Java and the Bukkit API. Whilst I was mainly focused on Bukkit, and I know that the Sponge API will be harder to get into, I am going to suggest that you learn to code in Java, as its a great language (There are none other like it (Literally none other like it (Your stuffed if you want to learn another programming language)))… It took me a couple of days to get into the Bukkit API, and once that was done you are free to explore. Coding is great for the future of your life, and I understand if you don’t have time, but just as a suggestion, you should give it a try and see how it goes for you…


Thanks for the suggestion man I will def. Be looking into java as well as C++. I loved the bukkit team dearly as well but I felt betrayed when they all just jumped ship the way they did. We tested them and relied on their loyalty to the community and they just let us down seemingly over night. But someone in another thread explained to me what happened and why and I somewhat understand now and I think it makes it a little easier for me to forgive them.

No offence but I feel completely the opposite way. Countless thousands if not hundreds of thousands of hours were put into Bukkit (That is not an over-exaggeration) and the community was built by the people in it.
Its imporant to remember all the hard work that went into Bukkit, and what Evil, Baxter and TNT as well as many other staff members did for the community.
I believe it was great while it lasted, and whilst I am quite annoyed that it being discontinued ruined the end of a close to 20 hour project I was working on, their reasons were completely justified, and I don’t hold closing down against them.

Anyway, coding is great and you should really check it out. Another great thing about Java is that most APIs don’t require as much relearning as in other languages, and since android apps run off Java, it means if after you give up Sponge (If you do which it is likely as the cycle of a community is having people leave and bringing others in (Which I am still feeling in the center and am nowhere near ready to leave)) you can begin Android app development. C++ is great aswell. Good luck learning :stuck_out_tongue: