Sponge vs Rainbow

I can see what you’re getting at, but that doesn’t necessarily help speed up Sponge’s development. Yes people planning to port plugins is great and will help the transition but that’s only after Sponge is finished. Heck, some may argue and say we already have a good community. It’s not perfect of course but few communities of this size rarely are.

That’s a little unrealistic but I’ll assume you don’t mean it literally. Some may argue (including myself) that discussing other project’s pros and cons actually will help out since it exposes the community to other projects that they have never heard about and, as @Felix3008 put it, see what if they have different/better techniques that could be used on Sponge. Or even a server to use until Sponge is ready for release! Heck, I would’ve never even heard of Husk or Rainbow without people talking about it. Yes people may be rude but you get that in every community and as long as they aren’t flaming anyone it’s allowed.

And I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by a post being a part of the work. For example, would something like this game be considered work since it brings people together and supports them in a way? Or would it be a waste of time since it’s not doing anything productive?

But I digress

My point was, threads like this or the one I linked above would have almost no effect on commits the github if any at all. Even if it turned into a full crapslinging contest I can only see it damaging the community’s standing to other people in the long run rather than taking up people’s time or delaying the project’s release.

Of course you could argue “what if someone who could’ve helped the project out got insulted by people were discussing another project’s cons” or “what if Sponge doesn’t get as much support as it could because the community wasn’t working as hard to make it popular” but those are just vague possibilities that may or may not happen.

At the end of the day, all this is is a online community and we can’t expect for there not to be a handful of problems with how people act. In a perfect world yes but this isn’t it and to be honest it’s better than a lot of others.

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Maybe because Sponge is moving at a snails pace and has so much dependency on others. Sponge requires Forge, and Forge requires MCP, the whole project seems really convoluted. Where all these other small mini projects are focused on being more self sufficient and getting a product to market fast. What happens if the people who maintain the dependencies that Sponge is relying on decide to move on, and don’t want to do this anymore?

MCP isnt gonna go away until Minecraft is dead, and LexManos has said that they will stay for a long time.

Pretty naive way of thinking. People’s lives change, just because they are committed now, doesn’t mean they will be a month from now, a year from now, two years from now, etc… It’s always good to have a backup plan, or create a strategy from the get go that won’t put the system in a bind should something change.

We are planning for sponge to run atop of various platforms, Forge is just the first one we will be supporting, future plans include running on Glowstone and even the Minecraft API when it is released. Everything must start somewhere and we believe that Forge is the best platform to initially build Sponge on.

Further, I would argue that is better to have a well-planned and slightly delayed API rather than one which is “first to market” but built in an ad-hoc manner. Stability is key to the long-term success of an API, something that we at Sponge don’t wish to compromise all for the sake of being available a little earlier.

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I have to agree with you about that. Things could change and forge or mcp or both could vanish and people would be stuck. But, after the whole bukkit situation especially, I think there’s a pretty decent chance that they’d at least pass on the project to someone else, if not open source it if it isn’t already.

And at the moment, Sponge does have plans to be forgeless and support glowstone as shown here. Of course that’s in the future and things could change but at least there are plans to make it independent. Oops @Owexz ninja posted while I was typing this hahaha.

Also as for why it’s taking so long, as @OffLuffy showed already planning the api will will take up a bunch of time.

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I dont think i am unrealistic. However i think most people know exactly what good behaviour is. Im out.

I didn’t mean you are unrealistic, just that your suggestion that every member of an online community and every post could all work towards any one goal was. I’m sorry if I had offended you.

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No its ok xD i said im out not because of you. Just because everything is said here :slight_smile:

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My version:



  • Soaks up water.
  • Reusable.
  • Washable.
  • Great for cleaning things.


  • People will sometimes throw wet sponges at you.
  • They soak up gross stuff inside them as well.



  • Protects your corn until it’s ripe.
  • Is pretty easy to find.
  • Is useful for… stuff.


  • Cannot wash anything.
  • Dries out pretty fast.
  • Not reusable.



  • Looks pretty. :3
  • Is colorful.


  • Is not reusable, or usable at all in the first place.
  • Only shows up after a rainstorm, so it comes with some baggage.



  • Great for countertops.
  • Is hard.
  • Reusable.


  • Would probably kill you if you dropped it on yourself, unlike the rest of the APIs.
  • Is kind of useless.


You forgot Granite lol.

EDIT: I see you updated it, never mind. xD

Sponge wins the war in my opinion mainly because 400+ plugin developers including my favorites like world edit and world guard are only being official ported to sponge.


Good things come to those who wait…

Who says that they will only be ported to Sponge. I could just port WorldEdit to Husk, it’s open source :wink:

It download’s for me…

I made that post 10 days ago, it didn’t work at that time… >.>

rainbow user here, it has some really nice plugins actually, world edit, lockette, log block, zoning for protecting areas, TONS of stuff being created for this api, Furyan0127 is making custom mob drops and loot for Adventue Lands Survival server. Lots of cool discussions about this api, looks promising.


What i like about rainbow is that they DO have something released and there is new stuff every day. And sponge seems to be very very slow. I am sorry to say this. I am just a stupid little user.

But for shore i go for sponge. IF they release it before minecraft v2 comes.

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Unless minecraft updates to v2 without warning in the next couple of months, Sponge will probably be out by then. And that’s not even something that’s confirmed to be released any time soon. And it was already explained here why progress has slowed for the time being.

tl;dr: Forge needs to be updated to 1.8 and the ECS needs to be finished. The ECS especially is important to be carefully planned out because

Yes rainbow is out now and working great and yes that is impressive. I just wanted to make sure you knew that there is a reasonable reason behind the wait.


He never said they’d only be ported to sponge, he said they’d be officially ported. That is a hell of a difference.

Yes, open source is great for making people being able to continue, port and expand on something. But when the creator of it is in on it that make it even better. Atleast in my book.

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