Sponge vs Rainbow

If people attack other projects in the name of sponge it means they do not support sponge. They slow down the whole process. We should promote unity and coorperation instead.
There is nuff work to do beside the core dev. Thats what i say.

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@ScuroK I like multiple standards. I like different ways of approaching things.
But I highly dislike people saying “project x will be better than Sponge” because they can not know. We can not know if Sponge will be better and they can not know if their project will be better.

I’m fairly sure that Sponge will be one of the leading standards though.

And, it was not OPs intention to start something like a war.

@MrMysteri0us I agree with you. Its not ok to go to other forums for battle. Its also realy stupid because this is not how things like community driven projects work. But it is ok to go on other forums and tell them about your own projects if you do it in a positive way. And its the job of all members to welcome new people who try to reach something good. For example: rainbow is placing free resources for us the users. Instead of kick them out we should thank them and welcome them to sponge. This cold even lead us to faster developement.
And if someone comes and promotes something closed or even want to sell it or if he talks bad about sponge THAN we can shitstorm. But we should think before we offend others.

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I do agree with that. Just attacking other projects because it’s another project is damaging to the community because it’ll make others think everyone here are a bunch of snooty jerks. I don’t see how they’re slowing down the whole process though. How do the actions of people who have nothing to do with the project’s progress slow down the project in any way? Damage yes but slowing down I don’t understand.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand this. The core dev team and the approved devs are currently the only ones who are working on Sponge and besides that, there isn’t anything the general public can do besides wait for them to possibly reopen pull requests on the github. Unless you mean people should be doing something unrelated to developing the Sponge? In which case what are you suggesting that would help the project hurry along?

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This is so true. We should not forget why we are here… because we love playing on our modded Minecraft servers.


I’m not sure about that. They closed pulls on GitHub so they can focus on only the work from the ones who signed up via the form on their last Status update. The pull requests were too hectic, but they still allow others to contribute by signing up first so they can organize who does what.

He says there’s more work besides just coding the core of Sponge.

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Yep I realized my mistake and I’ll edit it to be the ‘core devs and approved devs.’ I mentioned them earlier and forgot to do it again :stuck_out_tongue:

When I said core devs I meant the core team of devs. I understand there’s more work besides just the core which may be why they opened the forms up in the first place. I’ll rephrase it. Currently, besides the people approved to work on Sponge and the official Sponge team, there isn’t much people can do. They can open issues on the issue tracker iirc or discuss things with the devs on the irc but as for actual work that unapproved people can do, as far as I know, isn’t much. Plus there are plenty of people on the forums who can’t code anyway(or are very new at it) so they can’t help out even if they wanted to.


I agree with this too. But, this was a comparison thread rather than a ‘check this out this new project I’m a part of’ thread and people were doing just that, comparing it to Sponge. Yes they shouldn’t have been rude about it or had the whole toxic mentality of “we don’t need anything else lets attack any other servers that crop up” but the purpose of these kinds of threads is to talk about the pros and cons of these new server projects. If a plugin dev has a problem with a part of a project’s api they should be able to share their opinions.

Of course, I’m not saying you’re wrong and that everyone’s reactions were right in this thread. I’m just saying that pros and cons both have equal right for discussion.

And imo just because something is closed source doesn’t mean it should be shitstormed but that’s just me.

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I couldn’t agree more! I made this thread to talk about the pros and cons of these projects. I thought, if they have a working build so fast, maybe they have different/better techniques that could also be applied to sponge. I didn’t want to promote anything or “steal” users from this community.
There is no need to fight or diss other communities! So what, if Rainbow is closed-source. So what if Husk is Vaporware, So what if Sponge isn’t going as fast as some people wish. All these projects have their right to exist because if a developer can learn from one of them it was already worth it.

Sorry if that was gibberish, it’s hard for me to express myself in a foreign language.


building a good community and supporting each other is part of the work. for example people are already planing to port plugins etc. every member of this forum and every post can be part of the work. seen?

I can see what you’re getting at, but that doesn’t necessarily help speed up Sponge’s development. Yes people planning to port plugins is great and will help the transition but that’s only after Sponge is finished. Heck, some may argue and say we already have a good community. It’s not perfect of course but few communities of this size rarely are.

That’s a little unrealistic but I’ll assume you don’t mean it literally. Some may argue (including myself) that discussing other project’s pros and cons actually will help out since it exposes the community to other projects that they have never heard about and, as @Felix3008 put it, see what if they have different/better techniques that could be used on Sponge. Or even a server to use until Sponge is ready for release! Heck, I would’ve never even heard of Husk or Rainbow without people talking about it. Yes people may be rude but you get that in every community and as long as they aren’t flaming anyone it’s allowed.

And I’m not sure if I understand what you mean by a post being a part of the work. For example, would something like this game be considered work since it brings people together and supports them in a way? Or would it be a waste of time since it’s not doing anything productive?

But I digress

My point was, threads like this or the one I linked above would have almost no effect on commits the github if any at all. Even if it turned into a full crapslinging contest I can only see it damaging the community’s standing to other people in the long run rather than taking up people’s time or delaying the project’s release.

Of course you could argue “what if someone who could’ve helped the project out got insulted by people were discussing another project’s cons” or “what if Sponge doesn’t get as much support as it could because the community wasn’t working as hard to make it popular” but those are just vague possibilities that may or may not happen.

At the end of the day, all this is is a online community and we can’t expect for there not to be a handful of problems with how people act. In a perfect world yes but this isn’t it and to be honest it’s better than a lot of others.

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Maybe because Sponge is moving at a snails pace and has so much dependency on others. Sponge requires Forge, and Forge requires MCP, the whole project seems really convoluted. Where all these other small mini projects are focused on being more self sufficient and getting a product to market fast. What happens if the people who maintain the dependencies that Sponge is relying on decide to move on, and don’t want to do this anymore?

MCP isnt gonna go away until Minecraft is dead, and LexManos has said that they will stay for a long time.

Pretty naive way of thinking. People’s lives change, just because they are committed now, doesn’t mean they will be a month from now, a year from now, two years from now, etc… It’s always good to have a backup plan, or create a strategy from the get go that won’t put the system in a bind should something change.

We are planning for sponge to run atop of various platforms, Forge is just the first one we will be supporting, future plans include running on Glowstone and even the Minecraft API when it is released. Everything must start somewhere and we believe that Forge is the best platform to initially build Sponge on.

Further, I would argue that is better to have a well-planned and slightly delayed API rather than one which is “first to market” but built in an ad-hoc manner. Stability is key to the long-term success of an API, something that we at Sponge don’t wish to compromise all for the sake of being available a little earlier.

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I have to agree with you about that. Things could change and forge or mcp or both could vanish and people would be stuck. But, after the whole bukkit situation especially, I think there’s a pretty decent chance that they’d at least pass on the project to someone else, if not open source it if it isn’t already.

And at the moment, Sponge does have plans to be forgeless and support glowstone as shown here. Of course that’s in the future and things could change but at least there are plans to make it independent. Oops @Owexz ninja posted while I was typing this hahaha.

Also as for why it’s taking so long, as @OffLuffy showed already planning the api will will take up a bunch of time.

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I dont think i am unrealistic. However i think most people know exactly what good behaviour is. Im out.

I didn’t mean you are unrealistic, just that your suggestion that every member of an online community and every post could all work towards any one goal was. I’m sorry if I had offended you.

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No its ok xD i said im out not because of you. Just because everything is said here :slight_smile:

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