Sponge wasn't updated Today ):

I noticed on github the sponge wasn’t updated today, why’s this

People don’t constantly push changes everyday, and sometimes they let commits build up before pushing to the repo. Just be patient, there is always tomorrow. Also, your title is wrong.


Because it wasn’t updated today.


Some of us have have jobs and whatnot too, so commits may come in large batches and not continuously every day.


The question was already answered, and I’m fairly certain he already saw their reply. So I’m not worried at all.

I’m going to assume good intention here and answer your question. But, it should be noted that questions like this, without a qualifier, are kinda rude.

Open source projects, like this one, aren’t created by paid employees of some company. They are created through the generous donations of time and knowledge from numerous contributors all working together to make something awesome for others to use. This knowledge doesn’t come for free… they’ve spent countless hours of their own time and money learning how to do things like this and quantifying their generosity is almost impossible.

Open source projects have a major flaw in that developers burn out on giving their free time to impatient, rude and demanding freeloaders who do not contribute to the project yet demand updates as if they were paying all the developers’ salaries.

Now, I’m NOT saying this was your intent. But, posts like this can really wear on the developers… so, my suggestion to you is this: look for a way to contribute to the project that bring you closer to the development of Sponge… then you will have your answer before you even ask the question. Turn your IRC client onto Sponge on irc.esper.net . Subscribe to the github project and you’ll see the dozens of comments and discussions going on around creating the API. There’s a ton of work going on and you’ll have a better idea of the amount of work that goes into this.


Thanks for the reply

This is so true.
I remember my old Minecraft server when people were bitching when stuff wasn’t going fast enough.

hugs sk89q and plays kick the creeper

The quote says it all, no need to be rude.

hugging the developer? Everyone should hug their developers :slight_smile:


Why even mention it?