Sponge-wide Database

@Senpai You are correct, this simply won’t work with MC. Especially the economy portion of it. You can’t simply lock admins from giving themselves or other people free money. A plugin that unlocked that feature even if the linking plugin locked it would be pretty easy to make. You can’t control individual server, they are going to be very unique and trying to get them to conform to anything and follow the rules would be near impossible.

Such as feature would cost SpongePowered allot of money to implement and keep implemented as we would need a mega SQL Server as such. Banned players wouldn’t like to be banned from every single server including his/her own personal griefing server. The only exception to this I would think would be repeat offenders. People whose intention is to grief every server he/she login into. One way to overcome this issue it to just change the feature a little bit to two pools, good and bad. Good can login to any server and bad can login only into griefing servers or offline mode servers. I prefer an actual grief server option as some premium players like to just grief for fun. If such a feature was implemented, I hope they consider the idea of two player pools.

  • TangentSpy

All of this seems in the realm of plugins.

The only thing that would work well IMO coming from a server implementation would be a server browser that doesn’t use votes. It’s hard to trust any server listings and having votes / voting notification is just asking for people to game the system.