SpongeEventHandler gone?

While trying to make a plugin, I recently realized that the SpongeEventHandler annotation is gone. How do I make this work without it?

It is now called @Subscribe
Make sure to stay up to date by visiting http://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeAPI

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Okay, thanks. Most of the topics concerning creating plugins need to be updated, then.

You can’t expect them to be a 100% accurate, as Sponge is not officially released.

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Don’t expect any instructions laying around in forum posts to remain up to date. Your best chance of keeping up is to just keep pulling from the API repo and familiarizing yourself with changes. It is very much DIY right now until it is formally complete and released.

The wiki is in progress :stuck_out_tongue: once the initial API is released and the wiki is finished people can actually start learning to develop their plugins

you can also just start now and put dummy functions in place where an incomplete function is needed.