Spongeforge bug,please help me,The armor value is too high, no damage

The armor value is too high, no damage
Low damage cannot damage dragon armor in ice and fire
After testing, it was caused by Spongeforge mod
Seek a solution

game version 1.12.2



No bugs in single player mode

Please report the problem on the Sponge Issue Tracker.

github can’t open

Works fine for me.

Perhaps something is blocking your connection to it?

Yes, I can’t open it here, it’s a regional issue
Can you help me submit this question, thank you

Im personally curious what region your in which blocks open source software providers such as Github?

As for reporting the issue. Ill report it for you and rely any messages over if you want. This is the issue submission info if you could fill it out.

I am currently running
If you don’t use the latest version, please tell us why.

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  • SpongeVanilla version:
  • Java version:
  • Operating System:

Please include ALL mods/plugins you had installed when your issue happened, you can get a list of
your mods and plugins by running “/sponge plugins” and/or “/sponge mods”

  • Plugins/Mods:

Please include as much information as possible. For the description, assume we have no idea how
mods work, be as detailed as possible and include a step by step reproduction. It is recommended
you try to reproduce the issue you are having yourself with as few mods as possible.
Issue Description

If you are a developer, please attach a short and self contained code snippet (http://sscce.org) to
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Don’t use hastebin/pastebin or other similar sites, as they have a history of quickly
deleting files before we can look at them.


from cn, now i can go in, thank you