SpongeForge + BungeeCord = Timed Out?

So I’m trying to run a server with a forge modpack but any time I try to connect (with IP-Forwarding) it gives me a

[02:20:04] [Netty Server IO #1/ERROR] [FML]: NetworkDispatcher exception
io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException: null

I do have SpongePls set up for all servers and the forge server specifically, I followed the Bungee-Sponge set up to the letter (the one on these forums). All other servers work fine.

I stumbled upon an issue concerning BungeeCord versions online that would explain my issue but I couldn’t find a way to fix it. If anyone has a solution, please reply.

I know sponge has no official BungeeCord support nor is SpongePls an officially supported plugin, I’m fairly confident the people here are willing to help.

I expect you have the forge support config option turned off, that will cause your client to wait for a packet that never comes. That should be sufficient.

However, I would suggest (at least at this stage) using Waterfall instead as a drop in replacement for Bungee, it’s basically Bungee with loads of compatibility patches for Forge and other enhancements. You will still need to turn on Forge support if you reuse your Bungee config.

Alternatively, there is Velocity, which is another replacement for Bungee but is completely new. It is in alpha state, but has recently seen Forge support added. Certainly when 1.13 comes around, I would suggest using Velocity once it gains support for it.

In both of these cases, you don’t need SpongePls.

YOU SAVED MY LIVE. I have never noticed that option in that config and I have been looking for solution for half year. Not kidding. I have read almost every forum with label bungeecord or forge. THANKS VERY MUCH.