Hello everyone, we have come accross insane issues taking over our server. Would like to get some help.
So, issuess are as follows.: Server "cant keep up. Skipping usually over 10k - 70k ticks. We have 8GB allocated to run server. This happening even when nobody is online. Our TPS are “fluctuating” 20 > 10 > 2 > 1 > 10 > 2 > 20. Constantly, unstoppably. 8014 / 8192 MB has been used. Constantly. Without anyone online. Some chunks seems to be permanently loaded even though we pushed our own version of Flux Networks that fixed at. (basically recompiled it ourselfves /build it). We have no idea what else this can been caused by. Any help from someone who encountered similar or same issues?
Modpack: Stoneblock (latest version)
Server: Spongeforge (Latest version)
Files aka Console Logs / Debug Logs here Debug and Console Log

Thanks in advance for any ideas / help!

Do you have a timings report?

Here are Aikar Timings
And here are Spark Plugin Data