SpongeForge version = Api version

Hi, guys!
I’m newbee so a stupid question is arising: using SpongeForge 7.1.6 with forge 2825 — wich version of sponge API I need for modwriting?
And do I need it at all? Or spongeforge-1.12.2-2825-7.1.6.jar is an API itself?

Sorry for stupid questions and broken English!

If you want to write plugins for Sponge (modify server side only, does not need changes in modpacks) you need SpongeAPI 7.

If you want to write mods for Forge (modify server and/or client, requires you to create custom modpack) you need Minecraft Forge.

In my experience using the latest version for both (ahead of the recommended version) works just fine 99% of the time.

Edit: Clarification: running a plugin written with SpongeAPI on a Forge server requires SpongeForge.

Thanx a lot for quick and informative response!

I advise against that. The “latest” build actually has a serious dupe in it that we’re working to correct (it’s not trivial as to why it’s occurring).

Recommended builds are recommended for a reason. I would advise going for those builds first.

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