SpongeMessages | A Server Customization Plugin


Hello all ! I made a plugin to help people to customize their server easily: SpongeMessages.

Current version: 0.0.2
Author: MrAzErTy31.


  • Set join and leave message in realtime.
  • Set chat format in realtime.
  • Set MOTD of the server in realtime.
  • Text style included.


/spongemessages < args > :

  • Description: Main command of the plugin.
  • Permission: spongemessages.cmd.spongemessages
  • Aliases: /spongemsg

/spongemessages reload :

  • Description: Reloads the configuration file.
  • Permission: spongemessages.cmd.spongemessages.reload

/spongemessages set < join|quit|chat|motd > :

  • Description: Allows to set messages.
  • Permission: spongemessages.cmd.spongemessages.set

/spongemessages reset < join|quit|chat|motd > :

  • Description: Allows to reset messages.
  • Permission: spongemessages.cmd.spongemessages.reset

Info: /spongemessages set and /spongemessages reset executes in realtime.


  • Possibility to customize players list (When hovering players number) in realtime.
  • Possiblity to change max player number in realtime.



  • How to modify messages ?

When a player join: /spongemessages set join
When a player leave: /spongemessages set quit
Modify chat format: /spongemessages set chat
Modify MOTD: /spongemessages set motd

PS: :player: represents the player and :message: represents the message.

  • How to apply text style ?

With formatting codes, put &a to make green for example, you can find formatting codes at: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Formatting_codes.

Example: /spongemessages set motd &l&eSponge OP !
Sets Yellow and bold motd.

  • How to reset messages ?

By using the command /spongemessages reset < join|quit|chat|motd >.

Hope you will enjoy it ! :slight_smile:


Why are you still using legacy formating codes when you could use Sponge’s XML message configuration?

Apart from that, I like scope and idea of your plugin, although you probably want to add more variables for chat-messages (maybe this can be handled by a modular system that can be reused for other messages, as well as extended by other plugins).

I don’t know how Sponge XML Message configuration works at the moment, I will get some information about this :wink:

Yes, I will add new messages configuration, and work on better system.

I wub you.

You are amazing.

Yey, no more messing around with EssentialsChat!

8/8 gr8 m8.

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Thanks a lot m8 <3

SpongeMessages 0.0.2 Released !


  • Added commands to change messages easily and in realtime ! (Check the first message for more informations)

GitHub updated too !