SpongeVanilla 1.10.2 Beta 99. This is just something i see ,but no negative effects

[12:11:17 WARN] [mixin]: Method overwrite conflict for getSlotProvider in mixins.common.core.json:item.inventory.TraitInventoryAdapter, previously written by org.spongepowered.common.mixin.core.entity.player.MixinInventoryPlayer. Skipping method.

[12:11:19 WARN]: resource-pack-hash is deprecated and found along side resource-pack-sha1. resource-pack-hash will be ignored.

Both of these haven’t caused me a problem ,but i’ve seen them over several newer betas of SpongeVanilla 1.10.2.

The first one is normal… As per the second one I think that can be ignored aswell

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I never thought the first thing can be ignored.