SpongeVanilla - Sponge Commands

Hope I’m placing this in the right section, but anyway, the SpongeVanilla server seems to not include commands from Sponge itself such as /sponge plugins as notated here. I’m not sure if maybe this is an issue on my end, or if the SpongeVanilla just hasn’t had the commands implemented yet. I’ve searched for posts similar, and found one that said plugin commands weren’t working, though that was using SpongeForge, and was only one build.

Essentially I’m looking for a Sponge to run as a vanilla server + plugins, which is the idea here, I suppose, but I’m not getting any Sponge commands. I’ve tried the latest two buids of SpongeVanilla. Any ideas / things I may have missed searching for answers?

I just tried and it does seem that the command doesn’t work.

I suggest you try SpongeForge as it is more developed and Forge with Sponge behaves almost identical to vanilla (it also has some performance improvements to vanilla too).

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This. SpongeForge behaves like SpongeVanilla when running only Sponge plugins and serverside Forgemods. You can connect with a Vanilla 1.8.8 client too.

As it happens, the issue was an easy fix

Build 1.8-2.1-DEV-90 should be good

Sounds good. Thanks for the response and fixing the issue!

Looks like I will be porting plugins / working with the Sponge API after all!

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