StackInTheFlow - An IntelliJ plugin to query Stack Overflow


I thought this might be of interest to my fellow IntelliJ users, it’s a project that I’ve been working on the past few months at university. Let me know what you all think! :slight_smile:


An IntelliJ plugin to query Stack Overflow.

Search Stack Overflow Without Leaving the IDE

StackInTheFlow integrates seamlessly with Intellij to allow you to find the solutions to the development problems you face without ever leaving the flow of your development environment.

Automatically Generate Queries from your Code

Take your automation one step further by having StackInTheFlow generate queries for you. Either generate a query from an editor tab or select a block of code, then right-click and select Auto Query!

Receive Smart Recommendations to Accelerate your Workflow

If enabled, StackInTheFlow with make suggestions of Stack Overflow articles when it thinks they will help you out with your current task, ensuring relevant information is always at your fingertips. Never manually search for the meaning behind a cryptic error message again!

Sort & Filter

Refine your searches by sorting by different metrics and filtering by specific tags. If you never want to leave the comfort of your keyboard, you can even press <TAB> to add the previous word as a tag.


The plugin can be downloaded via the StackInTheFlow Intellij plugin page or the in-IDE plugin browser.


StackInTheFlow is compatible with IntelliJ 2016.2 and later.


The source of StackInTheFlow is available on GitHub.




This is pretty neat! I’m curious whether you’d be able to even store some sort of credentials (or use the local keychains in some way like git does for https requests) so you can even go as far as replying to StackOverflow directly through he plugin (long shot, I know, requires a bunch of hackery stuff and probably easier still to just have it open a webpage on your favorite web browser).


Thanks! It’s not as hacky as you may think. The stack exchange API supports client authentication through OAuth 2.0, my team’s just been focusing more on the automation/auto-query part of things rather than providing more question answering features, though it’s certainly something we may take a look at in the future. :slight_smile:


Does this allow you to see answers by votes rather than the selected answer? Sometimes the most voted answer is the best one.