Standby project

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Once Sponge API is released, I’ll be able to help program it.

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I’d be glad to help with some code :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think these kinds of threads are not allowed… :confused:
But if you need help with coding once, you can hit me up.

If they are now allowed then I don’t know what ‘server discussion’ means. It’s totally not my intention to do something that may not be done

I would help with plugins if the whole code is published as open source.


I’m the lead developer for Demigods RPG, a plugin/mod that I think is somewhere around what you’re discussing here.

Not everything is perfect, and it would need to be ported to Sponge, but it’s been in development for a very long time and has tons of cool features that could help with your project.

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Oh wow! that’s awesome :smile: Thank you!

I am going to think about it (probably yes)! I will use a license to prevent any miscommunincation. Thanks :smile: I appreciate it!

I know quite alot about Greek mythology and I like to create plugins, so if you want me to help you, add me on Skype: robin_debaets
Or, send me a PM

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