State of Sponge VII


Yes, finally it’s time for the next SoS! You better prepare yourself :wink:

State of Sponge VII will be on November 28th at 21:00 UTC, this will likely be the penultimate SoS before Beta, so get ready for an awesome demonstration of Sponge’s usability.

As always, we will be having a Q&A session, be sure to post any questions you have below, or tweet them with the hashtag #StateOfSponge, the more questions you have, the better! As always, we will be running a Sponge server loaded with plugins for everyone to try out, we’d love for everyone to join us on it!

Join us at:


We will be running two servers during SOS - one modded, and one unmodded. To join the modded server, you’ll need use the pack code SOSVII in the FTB launcher.



Yay! This is the SoS I’ve been waiting for! =)


I am new to this community and what is this SoS? And what will we be seeing in Sponge that was not in Bukkit. What kind of plugins will people be able to make with Sponge that you couldn’t make with Bukkit? What else should I know and when could I be able to make a stable/semi stable server with Sponge?


SoS (State of Sponge) is an update of the developers to show off what they have achieved so far and to present the latest additions to SpongeForge, SpongeVanilla and the SpongeAPI. Usually we open a demo server for the public too. And you can ask questions too.

Sponge is mod compatible and built with mods in mind, you can control mods without the mod having support for Sponge. Zidane showed off how Thaumcraft 5 can get controlled from within Sponge. There are some other advantages of Sponge over the Bukkit API, however someone else might explain this better than me :wink: Afaik there’s currently no real alternative to run plugins alongside mods in MC1.8. Cauldron is dead and Spigot doesn’t support Forge.

Here’s SoS VI on YT:


Thanks. that helps a ton.


Question for State of Sponge: What is the status on Spongie, the Sponge logo, and the unified website navigation?


There’s a PR on the Docs for this which is gathering dust :wink:
The assets posted there aren’t final and subject to change though.


What about the:
1 - InventoryAPI;
2 - EconomyAPI?


T minus 90 60 30 15 10 minutes and counting… :smile:

EDIT: A much more up-to-date countdown is available on the stream, see the original post for the link.


EDIT 3: It’s over now.


yay. stream online … countdown started…


Everyone come hang out:


On demo server: I placed Glowstone and instead of Glowstone Soul Sand appeared. Just to let you know.


Whats the ETA on the youtube version recording?


Has already.