Status update - 26 September, 2014 -> API developer form

Well. Here goes nothing, even If I don’t get a position I will still try to submit some PRs when they are needed, I just wanna contribute to the community :slight_smile:

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I don’t see how an “overthought” API can exist. This is an extremely vital part of Sponges life, this is where is core parts of it are built and if there are any issues that get missed here they will probably not be fixable in the future. The implementation will be worked on when the API is at a point where it is mostly correct. We are not even close to being there yet. We don’t want to do this fast and crappy the first time and have to rewrite everything. There is no rush, we are not a company with a deadline, spigot still releases patches and they will keep minecraft servers running for the time being, this is an open source project and we want to do it right the first time. This project is not for server operators in reality, it is for plugin developers, the plugin developers can handle what the end-users need as long as we provide them the tools and interfaces to do so.

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I guess using this definition they can ship Sponge right now and win. :smile:

What I am waiting for is a definition of the minimal set of features/capabilities of the Sponge platform that is intended for the first public release of Sponge. I haven’t seen such a list, though I may be looking in the wrong places.

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Plan out some plugins :^)

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Will I get email when my application is read and accepted/rejected. Or will I get message only if I get approved?


Filled out the form. It is a much better approach, because you (lead dev) ask for a clear but useful explanation why a certain developer should be chosen for a particurarly part of the API. Good job guys!

I am sorry for my inactivity on the IRC network, apparently espernet has taken offense to the fact that I have to use a proxy to connect to the internet and they will not unban me.

Since we have a manageable number of applications, I may be able to email everyone.


Its a great feeling as a server owner to see the community coming together to rebuild what was lost. I have high hopes for the project.


Can this be unpinned my mod because: Community Update 3 October 2014
or are these two different types of news updates and both important?
I’ll unpin it for myself anyway, but it would be nice to help others out.

This does have the link to the API developer form… I don’t know if that has closed yet or not. Has it?

Nope it’s still there. I think you might’ve missed it. Here it is again in case it’s somehow gone for you.

Can you make use of the new /title command, or will we have to just use a function to execute the command ourselves?

I see there are a lot of “Need mockup for API”-points in the list. I am new to these forums and I cannot see guidlines concerning this so I just ask: should we restrict ourselves to the forms or can we submit mock-ups to the development part of the forums?

I think that would be wiser than submitting it in the Dev Forms because the community can than talk about specific mock-ups and critise and improve them.

to behonest i also think that we should have someone actually working on plugins as well, as if the api looks shiny but its a pain to use then we have failed. Having some devs working on “core” plugins will also test the API without having external devs screaming at us because we missed of method X

I have a one or two private plug-ins that I designed with Bukkit worth publishing. It should not be difficult to port to Sponge because I designed to be portable to other server hosting software; just need to change the event listeners and the game objects, like Player.

You are right though, testing the API by experimenting with it is 10 times better than just testing it during API devolpment. We will only notice whether it is designed well if we work with it; simplicity and practicality in its use cannot “just be tested like that” during API development, you must utilise it.

Yeah can’t wait to Start up a Sponge Server and Marke some plugins

Xenoforo? Ewww…

Discourse is much better.

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function of course.