[SUGGESTION] Optional Sponge Client


I just had an idea for an optional client dependency built into sponge. To elaborate, this means that a player can still join a sponge server even if they don’t have the sponge client. However, players who do have the sponge client installed and running on their machine would be able to see and interact with parts of the server in ways that the other players could not. For gameplay purposes, if a server owner wanted to require all players that join to have the sponge client installed, they could simply change a setting in the ‘server.properties’ or ‘sponge.properties’ (another feature?) file that would enable this. For example, a setting named ‘sponge-client-required’ would do the job perfectly.

Just brainstorming. Any feedback would be appreciated :wink:.


Ans now tell me what Features this client has. There is already Forge for client-side stuff.

A persistent client-side api is a completely separate thing (if that’s what you want), so why call it Sponge?

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Also since this is a forge mod, you can just take the sponge server mod and play around with plugins for it in singleplayer.


Let me be more clear, by ‘sponge client’ I mean a minecraft client in which the sponge forge mod is installed.

Also, I’m just saying that it would be nice if the modded client wasn’t a required feature, so people who have absolutely no idea what forge mods are (let alone how to install them) can still join the server.

Thanks for the feedback. :wink:

Forge is supposed to allow vanilla clients to join Without forge or any other kind of modification on the 1.8 update. Now If you add blocks into the game via. a mod then the need forge but otherwise you can use any mod that doesn’t add any new blocks into the game.

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I understand. That’s exactly what I was talking about :smile:. Thank you.


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