Switch between OP and player // Makes my life 20* Easier

Hello. Im new to the forums. Im currently looking for a plugin that allows switch between OP and player without console for the past 2 hours. If any developer would kindly implement the link below into a plugin, that would be appreciated. Im working on my modded galacticraft server and would be of serious help.

Link: https://mods.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/switcheroo

May I ask why you want to ever be not op? And Sponge doesn’t expose op status the way Bukkit does. Op status is just the vanilla implementation of the Permission API, not a separate system.

I’d be curious to know what mods they are having issues with explicitly.

Im having trouble with another plugin. RedProtect
When I try to collect water, It starts the process of region protect

So you experience a bug with an actively developed plugin, and your solution is to ignore it and try to disable OP? Why not tell the creator about it?