Tab Complete Magic - A plugin to add extra magic to tab completion

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TabCompleteMagic allows executing commands using tab completion! Why? Because why not, that’s why!

There are two ways to use this plugin - a dedicated /tab command, and ‘invasive mode’ Both work the same way, but invasive mode doesn’t require prefixing a command with /tab.

Github: GitHub - Aaron1011/TabCompleteMagic


Invasive mode

Let’s say you want to repeatedly execute the command /tp repeatedly. First, type out the command /tp @p ~5 ~ ~, which will teleport the nearest player (yourself) up 5 blocks. Do not press <Enter>.

Now, press the <Tab>. Two special options will appear - DENY and EXECUTE. Pressing tab after selecting DENY does nothing - it only exists to prevent you from exectuing a command accidentally. To run the command, you’ll need to select EXECUTE by pressing <Tab>, just like you’d select a normal tab-complete option.

Finally,add a space to finalize your command. Now, each time you press <Tab>, you’ll be teleported 5 blocks into the air. Try it!

‘/tab’ mode

If you don’t want TabCompleteMagic to modify the tab completion of other commands in this was, you can disable it. Simply set invasive-complete to false in the config.

With invasive mode disabled, you’ll need to use the /tab command to use the features of TabCompleteMagic (note that this command is available even with invasive-complete turned on).

The /tab command works exactly the same as invasive mode - the only difference is that the entire command must be prefixed with /tab . In the earlier example, the command would change from /tp @p ~5 ~ ~ EXECUTE :TAB: to /tab tp @p ~5 ~ ~ EXECUTE :tab: (where :tab: represents pressing the <TAB> key).


/tab - Allows running commands by pressing <Tab>.This works the same as invasive mode, but doesn’t modify the tab completion of any other commands.


tabcompletemagic.command.reload - gives access to the /tabreload command.

External connections:

TabCompleteMagic uses bStats to collect anonymized usage statistics. You can opt-out of using bStats by setting enabled=false in the file config/bStats/config.conf.

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A new version has been released for Tab Complete Magic, it is available for download here.

  • Updated to API 7
  • Added McStats integration
  • Bumped Gradle wrapper
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A new version has been released for Tab Complete Magic, it is available for download here.

  • Updated to Sponge 7.2.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Updated bStats to 1.4, in order to comply with plugins guidlines