Tell a good Minecraft-related story

I’ve had the privilege of running a server for kids and families, and as such have been able - on a constant basis - to have a massive positive influence on the lives of kids from all over the world. Of particular note is a young man named Peter, whose life I was able to influence through my server. Article here. (The MC bit is on page 3) Getting to see young faces light up with happiness when I explain that I run a server just for them is a pretty great thing.

So that’s my Minecraft story - what’s yours? Playing, developing, administrating, etc.? Go for it.


I’ve been into Minecraft for quite a while now. I’ve tried just about every form or variation of the game. As such, I’ve run into a lot of different speed bumps along the way and had to learn how to cope with unintentional feature implementation if you know what I mean. I lost my job about two years ago, probably exactly, and didn’t have anything going for me for a while. I had to leave school because of cost and medical bills just a year before that. I decided to start running servers in my free time; met a bunch of cool people. About a year ago now I guess, I got started with Cauldron back when it was MCPC+. That worked out well. Eventually I became an administrator of support and I think I helped a lot of people. I was also able to get hired in the “industry” and handle a lot of support related stuff for people who run servers. I spend most of my time trying to assist people and solve their problems when they can’t figure them out. I think, after all of the issues I went through, this has given me some purpose and a sense of belonging.

I was really worried when recent events happened, because I felt like the place I hard carved for myself was no longer relevant. It all worked out in the end, and I’m excited for the future this system will bring. So that’s kind of Minecraft related. I don’t have a lot of Minecraft related stories, so that’s all I could think of :P.


@tmad40blue I can just add that your server is a great place for kids. Being a father of an 8 year old Minecraft fan girl I feel the need to express my appreciation of the great family-safe place that your server is. :smile:

My minecraft story begins back in late summer 2012, when the game was in version 1.3 release. Before I started playing the PC version I was trying the pocket edition, which before that I was trying to avoid the entire game altogether. After I finally tried the game I was hooked, and later ended up buying it after I got a better PC.

Shortly after I began experimenting with multiplayer and I joined a few friends on a private server. It wasn’t all that great but I enjoyed it for the time it was up, of course, that server eventually closed and I lost contact with those friends. That was when I began experimenting with bukkit and server administration, I spent around a year or so by myself on a locally hosted server just tinkering with plugins and stuff.

Eventually, I decided to try going on some public servers, and found one public server that fit me perfectly, I joined that community last year, and I have been there since, becoming a moderator for them last November. As well as becoming an admin for 2 separate smaller servers ran by other members of the same server.

I was also a developer for one of the smaller servers, which is why I spent some time experimenting with bukkit more. Of course, shortly after the server went public, the EULA issues occurred as well as the combination of bukkit and any other related issues that happened recently, which pretty much leads up to where I am now, just waiting to see what happens next, and hoping sponge will be able to set the mark higher than bukkit already has. :slight_smile:


Started playing before 1.8 Beta.
First off all playing a lot of lava dome survival on with friends, men, that we’re times :smile:

Later I began playing 1.7 Beta, I can’t quite remember what I did, but probably a lot of Multiplayer PvP/Survival.
Around the release of 1.8 Beta, (September 15, 2011) I started to experiment with servers.
For someone who had never done this, I started with Hamachi, gosh, that was laggy. Some time after, still 1.8, I decided to portforward, I didn’t own a server, so I decided to just host it from like 15:00 to 20:00 on my laptop. Not the best choice, but the server was quite popular in my terms. Having around 5-10 people playing every time the server went on. Most of them being just like me, Dutch. Mostly vanilla the area around spawn was completely being build like a city, later we switched to Bukkit and plugins, and became a small survival server with things like MA en Factions.
Also, when Bukkit wasn’t up to date (e.g. after the 1.4 full release update) we changed to a temporary vanilla server so people still could play together. That was an huge success (In my eyes) under the Dutch players.

About 1.5 years ago, my friends and I had been playing a lot of MineZ from Shotbow, and we we’re like: ‘He, we should make our own minigame server!’ So… we started creating one, really slow, and now, it still hasn’t been completed. The EULA change was of course, a huge set back, but we managed to find other ways. Now, with Bukkit fighting to stay alive, we are just waiting to see what Sponge brings us.

That’s about it. Of course, a lot more happened, but that’s just too much to tell :wink:

I started off hamachi also, was kind of surprised that it wasn’t as laggy for me as some people said it was (probably cause I was the only person using the server or whatever). Of course being a bukkit noob back then, I didn’t realize that using hamachi or port forwarding wasn’t even necessary for a one person server as long as you type in ‘localhost’ as the ip… xD


I know right :wink:

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i’m sad just by reading this … ._.