Testing the new dev build with straight vanilla?

Would there be any benefit to the project, if people immediately started using the newly released sponge dev build on straight vanilla minecraft without any mods or plugins, just to verify that all the default core stuff is working properly?

Basically just to make sure all the tweaks and hooks and widgets and inserted code do what they’re supposed to do by default without any modding involved.

This is not really possible to test without plugins.


I think he means have Sponge on a Forge server… with no mods or plugins, just to make sure Vanilla still functions. This was a problem in Spigot/Bukkit days as it required heavily editing the NMS, and thus some Vanilla features (EG, command block commands, certain pieces of mob AI, etc.) would cease to function as expected just from running a modded server without plugins.
In theory, this should be significantly less of a problem with the way Sponge does things, but it makes sense to watch out for that.

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Yes there would be benefit.

Some of the gameplay changing stuff is intentional however, like Entity Activation Range.

I think for pure vanilla fans it would be best to wait until a SpongeVanilla release, as anyone running forge is likely to be leaning towards changing vanilla mechanics heavily anyway.

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