The changes from Bukkit to Sponge?

I develop a project on Bukkit, recently came across Sponge, and currently thinking of adding Sponge support until Spigot renders useless.

I want to know more about besides the slightly different changes (events etc.), like how to use the Configuration API (if Sponge doesn’t have one already) and the ItemStackBuilder, new 1.8 Title features and such on.

Perhaps a clearer documentation would be available when the first stable release comes out? I started Java with an online class (still learning) and barely have enough knowledge to use the Bukkit API through reading it’s Wikis, let alone study an API without any clear in-depth documentation.

I suggest studying more into Java first.


This is definitely recommended, it would help you quite a bit. (I was one of those “skip java learn bukkit first” people, while I did learn though self teaching over time learning java first might have been a better idea).

Well, it’s a bit difficult to give a comprehensive list on all of the differences, primarily because of the quantity of differences. Plus, the API is still changing.

In regards to events, though, take a look at the Javadocs under org.spongepowered.api.event to see some of the differences. Things are pretty well commented in there, plus it’s a good opportunity to get accustomed to reading Javadocs.

We are working on clarifying and adding to the documentation; but, most of it is written with the assumption that users have a general knowledge of Java. Nonetheless, things will be ironed out over time!

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And there will certainly be lots of youtube videos about this when Sponge is released so don’t worry - kidding :slight_smile:

I believe @Treblue already has some videos up.

Look at the documentation: