The concept of sponge was planned before the fall of Bukkit?

The concept of sponge was planned before the fall of Bukkit ???

Was it? I’m not sure about that.

What gave you said idea? Any proof as of now? Even if it does, why does it matter? O.o

Not saying you’re wrong or right, just wondering where you’re coming from.

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What happened was inevitable. Preparations had to be done.

There have been several different plans for a Bukkit replacement over the years from different parts of the community, with varying designs and goals. Sponge is the result of a great deal of different projects unifying and combining the best ideas from each in order to provide the best experience for the community.

From what I understand, Forge 1.8 was always planed to allow vanilla client connections, so a guess that sponge was not a huge leap from that.

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I have not heard any news of Sponge being made before Bukkit. But it is not an impossible idea, this could be the case, but it also couldn’t, we may not know.

Bukkit DCMA: 3 September 2014 03:48
Birth of Sponge (to the public): 9 September.

That commit contains not so many code but could be perfectly done in 6 days I think.

I think the idea existed before, but with the latest incidents it materialized quicker

This was all organized. We infiltrated the bukkit staff. We slowly took control of each level of infrastructure and poisoned their minds, incepting the idea into their heads to shut down bukkit. Wolverness isnt even a person, we created him, he is a virtual puppet. We wanted a better bukkit, something that could absorb all the new information and with the new updates. We conspired to assassinate bukkit, and we succeeded. It has come at a great cost but it shall be worth it. Bukkit was just a project but sponge, sponge is so much more. Sponge is an idea and an idea, unlike a project, cannot be die. Sponge is the answer and Sk89q is our leader. He will lead us to the perfection of sponge that bukkit was meant to be. All Hail Sk89q and Forever May He Bless Us With His Sponginess.


I would say that one of the seeds for the concept was planted when spoutcraft first emerged. Forge also planted its own seed as well.

…but i like zidane.
mainly because ffix

i’d probably assume it was planned pre-ripbukkit2014.

it was unveiled 6 days after the DCMA, and with a lot on its back it probably took a bit to get things in working order. ripbukkit2014 might’ve just been an unintentional bonus.

False. Sponge was one of the last projects to start working second generation.