The End of an Era

Hello everyone,

I don’t expect you to know who I am, I haven’t been on in quite a while, and even when I was regularly visiting this site, I didn’t exactly consider myself a huge part of the community.
I’m here to announce that after quite a few years of making Minecraft plugins for both Spigot and Sponge, I’m moving away from Minecraft as a platform to persue other endeavours. As a result of this, what few semi-high profile plugins I did once make and maintain are now unmaintained.

The plugins that I’ve seen still receiving issues are AntiWDL and ChatColoursPlus. If anyone wishes to take maintainership of these projects, send me a PM and I’ll transfer ownership of the repository.

I’d like to thank everyone in this community for making the time that I spent here so lovely, goodbye, and I wish all of you luck with whatever you wish to persue in the future.



@Redrield The name has always been familiar to me, and I’ll miss seeing you around. All the best.

Thanks for sticking around so long. We’ve come a long way from the chaos of the beginning. May your next endeavors be bountiful and manifold.