The one thing I want to do with 1.8 and Sponge


That is all.

(Link: Sethbling Chair & Dining Table in Minecraft )

With that I understand it is possible in 1.8, even in Vanilla. Maybe make a recipe for a block (Certain stair block for chairs), when you place it it becomes a barrier block and spawns in the armour stands holding the items, make the barrier block breakable somehow (or use a different block, something subtle), break it, test for armour stands next to it, give back that specific piece of furniture. I am not sure if this would work, but I really hope so :stuck_out_tongue:

Bug a plugin dev about this, would make a cool plugin, but as has been established no user effecting features will be added to sponge. But seriously, this needs to be a plugin, props to that. :slight_smile:

for a low-power machine (I’ve tested this) armorstands work like item frames, to the point that a fully furnished house within render distance (and viewing direction) would create so much lag it would not even be worth it…

Well that’s unfortunate, what about blocks in mine carts, they can be “seated” in the cart at any distance from it, at any angle, and the server can send the “rider” separate from the cart, so the cart needn’t even exist, would this have the same pit falls?

I didn’t test that. can you make items “seat” inside a minecart?

Blocks you can, I don’t know about items.

Items cannot .

I suppose I understand how some people can be interested in stuff like this, but it’s just way too hacky for me to take seriously.

but amorstands which are holding items can ;D


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minecarts produce the same amount of lag. They are entities like item frames and amorstands too.

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Actually you can.